Steerable electric transporters for handling ship components

Steerable electric transporters for handling ship components

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We provide good transport ability solutions that meet clients’ requirements at competitive cost and perfect service. All members in Henan Perfect Handling are pleased to help you out whenever needed.

Steerable electric transporters differ from the traditional rail transfer carts which must run along a linear steel railway. It is powered by storage battery and can walk on level ground freely. Due to all possible steering programs, on either one or different axles, you can achieve tight turn radius.

This type carts can travel in all directions across smooth and semi-smooth surfaces such as concrete and steel floors by the remote command mode or a cable pendant. The load capacity of the carts up to 200 tons. Ideal for assembly lines, ship building, bay-to-bay transfers, logistics, material transfers and maintenance.
steerable electric transporter
electric transporter
die transfer tables

Electrical transfer carts are solutions for horizontal load transfers of a wide range of materials. We design and manufacture heavy duty and high quality steerable electric transporters for almost all kind industrial needs. With different styles transfer carts capacities up to 200 tons, we have the solution you need and each style can be designed for your specific application.
They are used:
Carry loads along assembly lines;
Transfer material from one work station to the next;
Dies and stamping shift and movement;
Store and transport an entire shift worth of production;
Hot molten steel and slag pot transport;
As a stable yet moveable machine base;
Adjustable capacity from 1 to 200 tons;
Track span can be designed as per need or standard 1435mm;
Elevating platforms, coil supporters and other features can be added;
Wireless switch control or pendant control;
Model BWP-5t BWP-20t BWP-30t BWP-40t BWP-50t
Rated Load(t) 5 20 30 40 50
Impacted rated load(t) 7.5 30 45 60 75
Structure of Frame Steel plates welded, beam
thickness of the steel plate 8 14 14 16 16
Cart weight(t) 4.3 7.9 8.8 10 10.5
Max. wheel load (t) 2.8 5.6 7.7 10 12
Ground requirement Cement floor or Steel plate ground
Ground Clearance(mm) 50 50 50 50 50
Table size (mm) 3000*2000 4500*2200 5000*2200 5500*2300 6000*2300
Height of the whole cart (mm) 450 600 650 700 700
Wheel base (mm) 1500 1700 1700 1800 1800
Axles distance (mm) 2500 3900 4300 4800 5200
Turning radius (mm) 2501 3901 4301 4801 5201
Turning type Turning while driving with no stop
Control method for turning Control button
Turning structure Mechanical
Motor power (KW) 3.5 7 10 12 15
Wheel diameter (mm) 300 (4) 400 (4) 400 (6) 500 (6) 500 (6)
Wheel material ZG55+hydropurture
Running speed (m/min) 0-15 0-12
Brake principle Electric magnetic brake
Ground balance mechanical automatic adjustment
Operation method With wire or no wire
Battery model D-250 24pieces D-440 24pieces D-250 36pieces D-330 36pieces D-440 36pieces
Battery maintenance Free of maintenance
Charger's installation Installed on cart Split-type
Cart color Yellow and warning sign
Charger's function Automatic stop for obstacles
Radar control 3-0.3 m, Automatic stop for obstacles
Warning equipment Sound and light
Other functions Turning light, night light and power display

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